Electoral Cycles and Public Employment in Brazilian Prefectures: Evidence for the  years 2002-2013  

By Rafael Alves de Albuquerque Tavares (rafaelatavares@usp.br)  

This  paper  analyzes  the  effect  of  the  municipal  elections  on  the  personnel expenses  of  Brazilian municipal  governments,  in  search  of  evidence  on  the  existence  of electoral  cycles in municipal expenditures. Using data that covers the 2002-2009 period, I estimate a Fixed Effects model. The results of the article indicate that in electoral years there is a decrease in personnel expenses. By separating the type of employment relationship of the worker, this article shows evidence that there is a decrease in the number of appointed and by-contract workers and the maintenance of the number of statutory workers.  In addition, the total wage bill is reduced for all types of employment relation. 


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