After two days
of meetings at the Beijing-hosted Asia-PacificEconomic Cooperation summit, leaders of the 21 regional economies
agreed to begin work toward possible adoption of a free-trade pact proposed by
China, AP
reports. A two-year study of the initiative will be launched with the U.S. and
Russia also on board, a decision that China’s Xi Jinping described as a
“historic step.” Beijing and Washington also reached a breakthrough
in bilateral talks over a possible free trade deal on information technology

  • The summit saw U.S. President
    Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin briefly meet to talk about Ukraine, Syria and Iran, the White House
    said. But although the two leaders tried to be nice to each other in front
    of cameras, AP
    writes that “away from the cameras, the two leaders are circling each
    other warily.”

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