Merkel fronts Bundestag on NSA spying, Ukraine
Angela Merkel has said allegations over US spying in Germany have put the relationship between the two nations “to the test.” The German chancellor’s comments came as the Bundestag met to debate several telling issues.
Shootings in Paris at major French bank and leading left daily Liberation
A gunman remains on the run after opening fire at a newspaper office in Paris. Soon afterward, shots were fired at the headquarters of a major French bank west of Paris, and a gunman briefly took a man hostage nearby.
Russia grants two Greenpeace activists bail for Arctic protest
A court has extended the pretrial detention of one of 30 Greenpeace activists arrested for protesting Arctic oil drilling. However, another Russian court unexpectedly freed two activists on bail.
German ‘Luxury Bishop’ Tebartz-van Elst pays fine for lying under oath
Catholic Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has paid a fine of 20,000 euros to end a case for lying under oath. The scandal surrounding the ‘bling bishop’ and his lavish lifestyle has rocked Germany’s Catholic Church.
Indonesia recalls ambassador to Australia over spying allegations
Indonesia has recalled its ambassador from Australia following reports that a spy agency attempted to listen in on the Indonesian president. The recall comes amid an already tense diplomatic relationship.
EU urges Ukraine to act on Tymoshenko to reach trade agreement
The European Union’s foreign ministers have urged Ukraine to take action on jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko before they move ahead with a landmark free trade deal to be signed at a summit next week.
Organizing committee to address working conditions at Qatar’s 2022 World Cup sites
Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organizing committee will address concerns over the treatment of migrant workers. An Amnesty International report shed new light on working conditions as Qatar prepares for football’s showpiece.
Carmaker Daimler opens first engine plant abroad in China
The German car- and truckmaker Daimler has inaugurated its first engine plant abroad in the Chinese capital. The Beijing facility is seen as a milestone in the company’s strategic partnership with state-owned BAIC.

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