Israeli Premier Netanyahu opens Auschwitz exhibition
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled the Jewish state’s new Holocaust display at the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. An important feature is a book featuring the names of those murdered.
Strikes paralyze rail system in France
Rail workers have gone on strike in France, crippling the country’s train system, one day after striking air traffic controllers triggered flight cancellations en masse. The rail strikes are expected to end on Friday.
Greek workers strike over closure of broadcaster ERT
Greek public workers have been staging a protest against the shock closure of the country’s state broadcaster. Buses and trains stopped running, with air traffic controllers also planning a walkout.
Ukrainian politics are becoming increasingly polarized
“Antifascists” vs “Neofascists” – politics in Ukraine are getting more and more radicalized, polarizing voters. Yet some critics suspect it’s a plot working in the current government’s favor.
Germany urges calm in Turkey
Germany is urging the Turkish government to keep calm after the brutal repression of protests in Istanbul. Despite criticisms, many are calling for Turkey’s EU entry negotiations to restart – now more than ever.
OECD: Migration picks up, and so does unemployment
Migration to and within OECD member countries has increased, but the employment prospects for those on the move have worsened, a fresh study says. Better integration programs are of the essence.
EU seeks WTO ruling in steel dispute with China
The European Union has opened a new chapter in its trade battle with China. After solar panels, wine and high-powered cars, the focus has now shifted to steel as the EU is seeking a WTO ruling against Chinese tariffs.
World Bank predicts less growth, more stability for 2013
The World Bank has revised downward its global growth prediction, citing sluggish recovery in industrialized nations as the main reason. In good news, the global financial sector is stabilizing, the lender has said.
UNEP report sees slowdown in renewable energy investments
Global demand for renewable energy has continued to rise steadily, a fresh United Nations report has shown. But the study also pointed out that lower prices had prompted a reduction in revenue in the sector.
The pen is a sword on Napoleon’s battlefield
Which battles are you involved in? European artists provide answers 200 years after Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Nations in Leipzig. Their experimental communal theater project brings audiences to the “front.”

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