Monti warns German obstruction undermines eurozone stability
Italy’s leader Mario Monti has raised pressure on Germany to drop resistance to a set of controversial eurozone crisis fighting tools. Support for a German-style ‘culture of stability’ is waning, he warns.
German retail sales fail to match 2011 levels
The German retail sector is experiencing a slight recovery, having posted an increase in revenues for two straight months despite a more negative outlook. But it’s still far off its 2011 sales levels.
Eurozone lacks political vision, says ECB head
The president of the European Central Bank has criticized eurozone leaders for not presenting a unified vision of the shared currency bloc’s future. He has called for more integration, including a banking union.
More Germans find jobs, but trend loses momentum
Over 100,000 more Germans have been able to find jobs in May, the employment office says. But analysts warn the drop in the jobless rate has not been substantial enough – and could reverse soon.

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