Today’s Top Stories

Hu’s State Visit: The Battle Between China’s Fierce and Friendly Faces

By Hannah Beech / Beijing
As its global power grows, China is displaying both a smile and a growl to the watching world

The House Repeal Vote: Inside the War on Health Care Reform

By Kate Pickert
The campaign to reshape and repeal health care reform is just starting. Will Obama’s landmark achievement survive its second year?

Baby Doc Gets Charged, But Duvalierism Remains Alive in Haiti

By Tim Padgett with Jessica Desvarieux / Port-au-Prince
Port-au-Prince has decided to try the former President-for-Life on financial, not human rights, charges even as many Haitians are nostalgic for life under the dictatorship

Tunisia’s New Regime: A Lot like the Old Regime?

By Rania Abouzeid / Tunis
Protesters are furious that so much of the old government remains, but the opposition has yet to come to terms with how it wants to wield power

Googling Symptoms Helps Patients and Doctors

By Dr. Zachary F. Meisel
With so many patients going online before visiting the doctor, the question now is, How can medical professionals use this phenomenon to offer better health care?

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